Góp ý xây dựng Tiêu chuẩn quốc tế

Hiển thị 1 - 20 trong số 40

#Số hiệuTên tiêu chuẩnBan kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn Quốc tếBan kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn quốc giaBắt đầuKết thúc
1ISO/CD 22994 Testing of coffee and coffee products -- Determination of dry matter content of soluble coffee -- Sea sand method for liquid coffee extractsISO/TC 34/SC 15-26-04-201822-06-2018
2ISO/DIS 37104 (Ed 2) Sustainable development in communities -- Guidance for practical implementation in citiesISO/TC 268TCVN/TC 26806-04-201829-06-2018
3 ISO/DIS 37122 Sustainable development in communities -- Indicators for Smart CitiesISO/TC 268TCVN/TC 26806-06-201829-08-2018
4ISO/DIS 22212Traditional Chinese medicine -- Gastrodia elata tuberISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21011-05-201803-08-2018
5ISO/DIS 21366Traditional Chinese medicine -- General requirements for smokeless moxibustion devicesISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21009-04-201802-07-2018
6 ISO/DIS 21300 Traditional chinese medicine -- Guidelines for chinese materia medica specificationISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21013-04-201806-07-2018
7ISO/CD 22258Traditional Chinese medicine- Determination of pesticide residues in herbal medicines used in Traditional Chinese MedicineISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21026-04-201821-06-2018
8ISO/CD 22590Traditional Chinese medicine- Determination of Sulfur Dioxide in herbal medicines used in Traditional Chinese MedicineISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21026-04-201821-06-2018
9ISO/DTS 20758Traditional Chinese medicine -- Abdominal physiological parameter detectorISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21028-04-201823-06-2018
10ISO/FDIS 20493Traditional Chinese medicine -- Infrared moxibustion-like instrumentISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21003-05-201828-06-2018
11SO/CD 22256 Traditional Chinese Medicine--Determination of irradiated Traditional Chinese Medicine using photostimulated luminescenceISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21026-05-201821-07-2018
12ISO/CD 22217 Traditional Chinese medicine --Storage requirements for Chinese materia medica and decoction piecesISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21002-06-201828-07-2018
13ISO/FDIS 14067Greenhouse gases -- Carbon footprint of products -- Requirements and guidelines for quantificationISO/TC 207/SC 7TCVN/TC 20728-04-201823-06-2018
14N1254_TC 207 DRAFT Strategic PlanTC 207 DRAFT Strategic PlanISO/TC 207TCVN/TC 20725-05-201806-07-2018
15 ISO/CD 14053 Environmental Management -- Material flow cost accounting -- guidance for practical application in the SME sectorISO/TC 207TCVN/TC 20728-05-201824-07-2018
16 ISO/DIS 14090 Adaptation to climate change -- Principles, requirements and guidelinesISO/TC 207/SC 7TCVN/TC 20711-06-201813-09-2018
17 ISO/FDIS 14064-1 (Ed 2)Greenhouse gases -- Part 1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removalsISO/TC 207/SC 7TCVN/TC 20712-06-201807-08-2018
18ISO/IEC DTS 17021-11 Conformity assessment -- Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems -- Part 11: Competence requirements for auditing and certification of Facility Management SystemsISO/TC 176TCVN/CASCO05-04-201806-07-2018
19CASCO roadmap - proposed changes by CPCCASCO roadmap - new SR dates proposed by CPCISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO13-06-201810-08-2018
20 Common Elements in CASCO standardsRevision of "Common Elements in CASCO standards" - committee internal ballotISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO05-06-201810-09-2018