Góp ý xây dựng Tiêu chuẩn quốc tế

Hiển thị 1 - 20 trong số 41

#Số hiệuTên tiêu chuẩnBan kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn Quốc tếBan kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn quốc giaBắt đầuKết thúc
1 ISO/IEC 17067:2013Conformity assessment -- Fundamentals of product certification and guidelines for product certification schemesISO/CASCO 18115-07-201803-12-2018
2 ISO/IEC DTS 17021-8Conformity assessment -- Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems -- Part 8: Competence requirements for auditing and certification of management systems for sustainable development in communitiesISO/CASCO 18125-07-201817-10-2018
3 Common Elements in CASCO standardsRevision of "Common Elements in CASCO standards" - committee internal ballotISO/CASCO 18105-06-201810-09-2018
4 ISO/IEC CD 17000Conformity assessment -- Vocabulary and general principlesISO/CASCO 18125-06-201820-08-2018
5 ISO/WD TS 37107 Sustainable cities and communities -- Maturity framework for sustainable and smart-enabled communitiesISO/TC 268TCVN/TC 26820-07-201825-09-2018
6Re- Appointment of Dr. Biyu Wan as SC 1 Vice Chair Re- Appointment of ISO/TC 268/SC 1 Vice Chair after completing one/two termISO/TC 268TCVN/TC 26820-07-201821-09-2018
7 ISO 37106:2018/NP Amd 1Sustainable cities and communities -- Guidance on establishing smart city operating models for sustainable communities -- Amendment 1ISO/TC 268TCVN/TC 26820-07-201821-09-2018
8 ISO/DIS 37122 Sustainable development in communities -- Indicators for Smart CitiesISO/TC 268TCVN/TC 26806-06-201829-08-2018
9 ISO/DIS 37105Sustainable cities and communities -- Descriptive framework for cities and communitiesISO/TC 268TCVN/TC 26809-07-201801-10-2018
10 ISO/CD 22584Traditional Chinese medicine - Angelica sinensis rootISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21019-07-201813-09-2018
11 ISO/DTS 22990Categories of clinical terminological systems to support integration of Traditional Chinese medicine and western medicineISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21021-07-201815-09-2018
12 ISO/DIS 22988Traditional Chinese medicine -- Astragalus mongholicus rootISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21018-07-201810-10-2018
13 ISO/DTS 22773 ISO/DTS 22773 Health Informatics-Categorial structures for representation of decocting process in Traditional Chinese medicineISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21003-07-201827-08-2018
14 IEC/DIS 62959 Environmental conscious design (ECD) -- Principles, requirements and guidanceISO/TC 207TCVN/TC 20719-07-201811-10-2018
15ISO/DIS 14006 (Ed 2)Environmental management systems -- Guidelines for incorporating ecodesignISO/TC 207TCVN/TC 20727-07-201819-10-2018
16N0513The revision of ISOTR14069 and WG4 new LeadershipISO/TC 207/SC 7TCVN/TC 20728-07-201824-08-2018
17 ISO/DIS 14090 Adaptation to climate change -- Principles, requirements and guidelinesISO/TC 207/SC 7TCVN/TC 20711-06-201813-09-2018
18ISO/CD 14002-1Environmental management systems -- Guidelines for applying the ISO 14001 framework to environmental aspects and environmental conditions by environmental topic areas -- Part 1: GeneralISO/TC 207/SC 1TCVN/TC 20702-07-201825-09-2018
19 ISO/NP 14082Radiative Forcing Management-- Guidance for the quantification and reporting of radiative forcing-based climate footprints and mitigation effortsISO/TC 207/SC 7TCVN/TC 20727-06-201819-09-2018
20 N1266 CIB for Nomination_SC1 Vice ChairISO/TC 207TCVN/TC 20731-07-201814-09-2018